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May Artists 2008

Jose Chapa

Jose Chapa tells unique stories through his series titled “Cuentos”.  He uses iconography, symbols, texture and text arranged in different configurations to express an idea or concept. In addition, Jose employs various metal techniques, such as the aging of metal(patina) and metal embossing on various surfaces. He is also deeply influenced by nature and organic forms and is inspired by the constant struggle between nature and industr

This work as a whole grid represents concepts presented by society. Individually, the work connects with the viewer on a personal level. For example, the use of Iconography can be used both as a representation of specific labels placed upon a society as well as communicate distinctive ideas about the individual.

It can be a comment on product, style, display and merchandising as it relates to the consumer. It is also a personal journey of expression.

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Copper and aluminum on wood panels
Copper and aluminum on wood panels, details
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Joan Grona Gallery - Works by Kimberly Aubuchon
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Cloud Swinger, 2008, Felt and yarn
Behind Every Wal-Mart, 2008, Digital print

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Diane Mazur

My work consists of a dialogue between figure, fantasy and abstraction. The narrative quality of my earlier work evolves into a narrative / conceptual dialogue as I become more and more involved in seeing the works any of four ways, each view lending its own visual suggestions for personal interpretation by each spectator.

My influence come from Expressionism and Outsider art, as well as Surrealism, in terms of process, and Cubism which lends formal considerations of mass, space and time concepts. These ideas serve as a foundation for expansion and renewal in the 4-way works.

The more that the spectator brings to or sees in my work, the more complete that work becomes. I feel there are analogous systems of structure - physical, metaphysical, alchemical and mystical, sociological, philosophical and psychological. I wish for my art to visually tickle the spectators imagination and tap that source of interpretation for many people in many fields of knowledge.

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"4-Way Black", acrylic, enamel and roplex on canvas.
"Paradise Lost", Wood Constrution, mixed media.
"Mandala #2" , Kinetic Wood Piece, acrylic & enamel paint, wood.

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Gallery Nord
Brad Braune

Brad Braune is also a nationally and internationally known artist who is primarily a post-modern western painter but will exhibit his Italian landscape paintings at Gallery Nord. Click image for larger view.


Sylvia Benitez

Sylvia Benitez is a nationally known installation artist whose geo-organic work interprets nature using natural materials. Her newest installation "Land and Sky" has been created specifically for Gallery Nord. The works are a blend between traditional landscape  painting and installation. Click image for larger view.

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Anita Valencia

Rampant consumerism and the depletion of our natural resources has long been a serious concern of mine. Therefore, through art, I hope to address these issues. All my work is made using recycled materials: aluminum cans, CDs, pull-tabs, paper bags, bottle caps, teabags, foil candy wrappers, etc., because these are the remnants of thingswe consume and discard in our daily lives. I like to create large installationsbecause I want to impress the viewer with how much we consume and discard in our daily lives and the need for conservation.

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The "Perinolas" at the Grand Hyatt took four thousand recycled aluminum beverage cans to create the 2500 Perinolas (Spanish for whirligigs) and almost a year to create!
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Marilyn Lanfear

I am a STORYTELLER. I use lead, stone, paper, buttons, found objects . . . I do not choose my materials arbitrarily. The concepts determines the media. I use words - embroidered on towels, burned into chairs, stenciled onto window shades . . . Titles are important. And in the case of my CHAIRPERSONS, the sculpture (worn by actors) actually speaks. I use whatever is needed to tell my story.

All of my work is informed by by inheritance as a woman from a particular place. My stories are based on personal experience, family and social history, research and conjecture and are mostly true.

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"Hoops", wood, 29 x 29 x 12" H
"Avie Frances in Blue Dress", lead dress on a wooden chair

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